Hey guys... it's me again! Hey we have pages now so I'm gonna try to get Nic-Tac to put his cool book cover designs on his. Check them out!

Quiz... 07/26/2009

Alright just payattention to the rules and you'll have fun!
There will be a series of words, and you can answer them with 1 word, AND that word has to start w/ the first letter of your first name...
Here's the example, questions, and my quiz.

1. Soda-- MountainDew

2. Candy-- M&Ms

3. Actor/Actress-- Madonna

4. Name you want your baby to have-- Michell

5. Animal-- Mare

6. Color-- Maroon

7. Website-- Miniclip

8. Song-- Mercy (by duffy)

9. Butterfly-- Monarch

10. Movie-- Matilda

Have fun!


Okay guys, this site is a little on the boring side so why don't we start a conversation? Let's talk about.... hmm. Well, idk. Alright, how about top ten things you wish you had? Yeah!
1. A million, trillion dollars!
2. iTouch
3. Horse
4. A mall
5. Convertable
6.  A closet like Hannah Montana's (just the room, not the clothing)
7. A weekend house in Florida
8. Laptop
9. Ed Hardy Perfume
10. I can't think of anything else! :D
Now top ten things I'm thankful for...
1. My Family
2. Pets -- poodle, lab, hermit crab
3. My buddies
4. The nice things that my family is able to afford
5. God's love
6. Horses ;)
7. A job to keepme busy
8. My little bro
9. My school

10. My room!

Post Title. 05/19/2009

Hey, psssssssssst, hey... guess what?!? That little number thind to the side, guess what?? It teels us how many people have been to thios page! hahahahahahaha isn't that awesome?


Hello! I really appreciate you  coming to the site, be ready to see some awesome shows and blog with us alot! :) Peace!


Hey Guys, there is now a voting page and we would realllllllllllllllllly like you to participate because this will help sooo much with the webshows. So go comment for your vote TODAY!

Critic me!! XD 04/12/2009

Hey hey hey! I know I'm not the best actress... haha, so let me know what you think of me!! K?