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This is our Help and Questions Area. If you have a question about anything at all, post it in a comment in our most recent blog. This also serves as an index, so we'll explain to you what each page is.

Home- is obviously just a page to redirect you to the start of our site.

Pics- is a page of pictures of either us, or random pictures we just happen to like and think are funny.

Fun- is the page with games or gadgets for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Music♫- has music and songs that we like as a group, or individually. Nic-Tac found all the playlists on

The Blogs- are all individual for each member and allows them to just give updates or say hello!

VIDEOS!- is probably the reason for this site! This page will soon be filled with numerous of our webshow shots and skits. It may also feature music videos, funny videos, or pointless videos, just because we like 'em. :D

A Page for...- This is a place where the actors/Actresses of the webshow express their favorite things, and such. There is really no room for that on blogging so we created a special page for that! Remember: Blogs are for talking, not our pages. Please don't leave comments on THEESE because we like the way they are!