♠Videos will soon be available! Just need help getting ourselves a camera! Stay tuned!♠

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Hey! Welcome to the site for The Candy Jar Crew Webshow™! As you probably know, our works a show in progress, so PLEASE leave any comments or suggestions in any of our blogs, OR just leave a comment in the box below! Leave a comment and we'll be sure to read them! Don't worry about hurting feelings, be nice but brutal. Enjoy! 


Hello candy lovers! This is M&M! I wanted to apologize for the delay in the webshows. I will explain... You see we don't have the "equipment" to shoot this film yet, but i think we might just go ahead and shoot our first webshow on a cell phone :$! yikes! Hopefully not all of our webshows will shot on a cell though! Please stay tuned, and wait just a little longer. I also wanted to let you know that since faith-saver is leaving we will be wanting some more ACTORS particularly. So, if you know us personally shoot us an e-mail. We'll accept actresses too though ;)! Thank you all! Have fun please!

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